Country Sports

Hound Show

The South of England Hound Show is the first in the calendar of five Hound Shows held throughout the country under the Direction of the Master of Foxhounds Association.  The Hound Show is located near Blue Gate behind the Main Office and has its own arena, grandstand, fully licensed bar and catering facilities. Thursday is Foxhound Day and Friday is Beagle Day with packs coming from all over southern England. Come and meet the Hunt Staff, watch hounds being judged and visit the kennels. Everybody is very welcome to watch from the stand, talk to staff and learn about the importance of hound breeding and judging. The Hound Show Committee is also responsible for the Hound Parades that take place in the main area daily and the Foxhound Cavalcade on Saturday.

Country sports demonstrations in the Hound Show area on Saturday.

Country Sports Village

With around 100,000 members, the Countryside Alliance promotes and protects country sports and rural life at Parliament, in the media and on the ground.

We are best known for our work on wildlife and management but our agenda is far broader than that, incorporating food & farming, local businesses and services and the injustices of poor mobile phone signal and broadband in the countryside. We are anything but a single issue organisation and represent the interests of country people from all backgrounds and geographical locations.

Visit the Countryside Alliance stand next to the Hound Show Ring to find out how you can join, to catch up on our latest campaigns and to browse our shop. Experienced members of our team will be on hand to answer any questions – we look forward to seeing you there.

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