Grants for Land-Based Colleges

Each year, the land-based colleges in the region are invited to apply for grants funded by the Society to enrich the curriculum courses they offer.

In 2017 six colleges received funding of up to £1,500 for study tours and exchange trips to Ireland, Paris, Georgia, Germany and Scotland, feasibility studies, designing and developing a growing space to be used by a range of learners including those with mobility and sensory difficulties and building a hedgehog habitat and development of a birds of prey complex.

Reports on the various projects are displayed in the Education Marquee at the Spring, South of England and Autumn Shows. Colleges are invited to apply for funding in August and the funds are awarded in October.

The Society also runs a Project Assignment Competition which is open to all students studying at land-based colleges in the region and is designed to encourage individual research, to improve knowledge and develop study skills.

Contact the Education Development Executive for more details

Please see below for a list of eligible Land Based Colleges in the region:

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