Farming Scholarships

The South of England Agricultural Society has sponsored Nuffield Scholarships since 1979. Scholars are chosen because of their potential to provide leadership within the farming industry and rural community and to raise standards as a result of their work.

The SEAS Nuffield Scholar for 2015 is Doug Wanstall whose study subject is entitled, ‘Free range egg production, building resilience and managing the transition into a mainstream commodity market place’ and will focus on how businesses can help themselves build and maintain profitability and make moves to avoid some of the volatility that the farming industry is exposed to currently.

Past SEAS Nuffield Scholars

Robert Hodgkins (2012) whose study subject was “Using Genomic selection technology to advance the development of an ovine maternal breeding line”. His scholarship enabled him to travel to Australia and New Zealand and he has developed one of the largest ‘Signet’ recorded flocks in the country, recording about 1,500 ewes plus progeny. He was awarded the Farmers Guardian “Sheep innovator of the year” and accepted to study a PHD at Aberystwyth University to carry out research in his study subject. View Blog

Nick Rowsell (2010) identified the strengths and weaknesses in the UK grain chain and explored ways that the reduction of inefficiencies can improve returns to producers. PDF

William Goodwin (2008) studied the role of GMO’s in the delivery of environmentally sustainable food and bio-fuel industries. PDF

Duncan Rawson (2006) studied the organisational structure of co-operatives. PDF

Edward Vipond (2004) who researched ‘Precision Farming – an expensive toy or a practical tool’

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