Spring Live! Disabled Access

Disembarking areas at Show Entrances

Disembarking areas are available at Blue and Green Gates.

Car Parking

A recognised Disability sticker/pass (either the approved Social Services sticker or the South of England Agricultural Society Disabled car park pass) is required for priority Disabled parking. If a pass is not displayed then visitors will be parked in the first available car park.

If you require a Society disabled pass please apply to the South of England Agricultural Society giving details of your disability and send a copy of your Social Services approved disabled sticker.

It is advisable to arrive early and park adjacent to Blue Gate.

Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters

Kardinal Independent Living provide powered wheelchair loan/hire. Pre-booking is advised – please call and make your booking on 01903 232326. Kardinal Independent Living is located close to Blue Gate. www.kardinalindependentliving.co.uk


Carers can come to Spring Live! free of charge when attending with the paying adult that they care for (valid carer documentation required). In the case of a disabled child, entry is free for children under 16 when they attend with a paying adult, so in this case the carer would be required to pay for their own ticket, unless accompanied by another fee paying adult.

Disabled Toilets

Toilets for the disabled are provided within the main toilet blocks as follows:-
Blue Gate Entrance
Red Gate Entrance
Eco-Toilet Block (Central Location)

Also within the following buildings:-
Queen’s Jubilee Hall (close to Green Gate Entrance)
Norfolk Pavilion (Members’ facility)