The Sheep Show & Sheepdog Demonstration

The Sheep Show

Don’t miss the fleecy fun of The Sheep Show, an educational and humorous live stage event starring a cast of ewes and rams and their two-legged MC.

It’s a great way of learning about how the many breeds of sheep in the UK today have been bred over the centuries to produce the wool and meat that we rely on today. One woolly performer will be selected for a Sheep Shearing demonstration which shows the impressive skills needed to safely divest the sheep of its winter coat and produce a fleece that is ready to go to market.

To round off the Show, the sheep will prove that they are not as simple-minded as you may think by dancing to their favourite tunes. The Sheep Show is hugely popular so turn up early to make sure you get a seat! There are four shows per day so look out for timings at the Show.

Sheepdog & Duck Demonstration

Come and be entertained at the Sheepdog demonstration where owner and sheepdog show off their duck herding. The show takes place in the cattle rings with shows taking place twice a day throughout the Show. When they aren’t showing off their skills the dogs love to meet people so why not drop by and say hello!