NFU Food and Farmyard

Our ‘50 years of farming and food’ theme will give visitors an insight into how farming has become increasingly productive over the past half century.

Around the stand are facts and figures about farming in 1967 compared with farming today. A vintage Massey Ferguson 135 tractor, dating from 1967, with a 45.5 horse power engine, will be parked beside a modern Massey which is four times more powerful.

Chef Erika Pratt will demonstrate retro dishes and food marketing campaigns – think funky blancmanges, Fanny Cradock, Go To Work On An Egg and the Milk Marketing Board’s ploughman’s lunch. Produce displayed by Westons Farm Shop, Itchingfield, near Horsham, will be served in the kitchen. The burgeoning viticulture industry is also profiled.

Surrey craft bakers Anthony and Liza Kindred, of Kindred Bakery, will help youngsters make bread and try corn milling. See live bumblebees flying around a bumblearium, view a native hedgerow, commercial crops and wildflower margins, while learning how farmers help the environment.

In the farmyard, West Sussex farmer Louise Hurdman will be training her collie pups to become sheepdogs. Another highlight will be milking with West Sussex dairy farmer Phil Nash.