Membership details for the South of England Agricultural Society can be found on this website. For details on membership during the Show, please visit one of the Membership stand outside Blue and Green Gates.

Overseas Visitors

Overseas visitors will be admitted free of charge on presentation of their passport and valid return travel document and are welcome to visit the International & Overseas Visitors Pavilion situated on Turners Hill, overlooking the Main Ring; they will be given an Overseas Visitor badge which allows entrance into the Norfolk Pavilion.


Visitors may return to their car at any time during the Show by obtaining a pass-out stamp available at each entrance gate.


Members of the public are advised not to bring dogs to the Show. Please do not leave dogs in cars. Dogs will not be permitted into livestock or equestrian areas or into any of the buildings, marquees, or Members’ facilities.


Photographs can be viewed and purchased through the Society’s photographer’s website after the Show at

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary provides a place where you can step out of the hubub of the Show and take a breath. Run by the Church, the Sanctuary provides a safe space for accompanied children to play and parents and carers to rest. It is where the Lost People post is located and has a buggy park for parents and carers with babies and toddlers. All are welcome and tea, coffee and squash are always available.

The Sanctuary also hosts the Epiphany musicians so why not drop into the Sanctuary area to enjoy the unique experience of having your very own sound portrait played.