Countryside Heritage

Saxon Re-enactment

Join this Saxon re-enactment portraying a migratory group of Saxons from the period in this country when the Romans had just left. Acting out a travelling encampment, peopled by children through to older folk, this troop provides the feel of a genuine tribe on the move. See warriors with their weapons and armour, travelling blacksmiths and carpenters as well as cooking demos of what the group would have eaten at the time. Join us for this fascinating piece of history.

Trug Making

Royal Sussex Trugs will be demonstrating making throughout the three days of the Show – come and learn more about this ancient wood craft.

Weald & Downland Living Museum

Come and see live demonstrations of traditional crafts as well as woodland and timber  exhibits;  there will be a Tudor re-enactment too and Mac the heavy horse will be at the Show on Friday and Saturday helping the team demonstrating different types of harnesses.

Axe throwing and Archery

Join in the fun and have a go at axe throwing and archery in our Entertainment zone with Joe’s Bows.