Saxon Re-enactment

Join us at the Show for our highly entertaining Saxon re-enactment portraying a migratory group of Saxons from the period in this country when the Romans had just left. Acting out a traveling encampment, this troupe provides the feel of a genuine tribe on the move. See warriors with their weapons and armour, travelling blacksmiths and carpenters as well as cooking demos of what the group would have eaten at the time. Join us for this fascinating piece of history including a daily timetable of battle re-enactments. This year the Saxons will be joined by Normans and Romans.

Trug Making

A Sussex trug is a light but strong basket made from willow and sweet chestnut. The village of Herstmonceux has been known as a centre for this traditional craft for at least two hundred years although there are records of trugs and makers dating back to the sixteenth century. Thomas Smith Trugs, the original makers of the famous royal Sussex gardening trug baskets, established in 1829, will be demonstrating this traditional craft across all three days of the Show.

SE Research Society Metal Detecting

The society promotes good practice and the positive values that come with this hobby, running open daily rallies throughout the Sussex area with the main intention of rescuing coins and artefacts. Come and see this impressive display of metal detecting finds, coins and artefacts collected from across Sussex from Celtic to modern times. We also have an interactive sandpit where you can get involved and have a go at metal detecting for yourself.

Stick and Hurdle Maker

Traditional hurdles are made from wattle, usually of hazel or willow. Hurdle-making is a traditional woodland craft, done by placing upright sticks in holes in a log and weaving split branches between them. Far from being a dying art, the craft of stick making is actually one of the fastest growing pastimes in the country! Come and see our craftsman’s display of wares and enjoy the daily demos behind traditional crafts of walking stick and hurdle making.

Chiddingstone Castle

Marvel at some of Chiddingstone’s collection of ancient Egyptian figurines and children can make their own Egyptian funeral mask.