Casablanca Steps 'Great Gatsby' Band

Get yourself a refreshing cool drink, take a seat in  the Food Village and recharge your batteries as you enjoy the mellifluous tones and characteristically English humour of the Casablanca Steps, one of the most experienced and established 1920s & 30s musical acts in the UK.

The Casablanca Steps are four individually talented musicians and entertainers, totally unequalled in their field. Their unique sound and authentic three-part vocal harmonies, combined with a quintessentially English visual element of serious tongue-in-cheek humour, recreate the authentic musical ambience of the 1920s & 30s, when “The Charleston” was all the rage and the “swells” were “Putting on the Ritz”.

The Casablanca Steps’ ability to break down the arts barriers with their outstanding mad cap visual performance, combined with compelling music, makes their show an exceptional experience for all ages.


Epiphany Musicians

Drop into the Sanctuary area to enjoy the unique experience of having your very own sound portrait played by Epiphany.

Many of Epiphany’s musicians play in leading orchestras and ensembles throughout the UK and Europe including the BBC Philharmonic and The Chamber Orchestra of Europe, so it’s a treat that this talented group are offering offer these improvised events free of charge  at the South of England Show. We invite you to make the most of this special musical experience!