Main Ring Entertainment

Sussex Yeomanry

The specialist cavalry group, Sussex Yeomanry, will be demonstrating French & British cavalry skills from the Napoleonic era using period uniforms and weapons – formally known as ‘mounted skill-at-arms’ with their gorgeous horses.

Joe’s Bows Falconry Displays

Prepare to be entertained by the spectacular swoops of the falcons, owls, eagles and buzzards from Joe’s Bows stunning falconry displays. You might even be lucky enough to get picked as a volunteer and get up extra close.

Gundog Demonstrations

Come and see a range of gundogs do what they do best as they demonstrate their talents at this highly entertaining display by WhipCurl Canine Resolve. Find out about the different stages of gundog training from basic puppy obedience through to advanced work. Performances are unrehearsed so anything could happen!

Kent & Surrey Bloodhounds (Saturday)

Enjoy the display and commentary showcasing this exhilarating country sport by Senior Master & Huntsman Bill Kear.

Cavalcade of Foxhounds (Sunday)

This cavalcade brings together 3 local packs. Learn about their history, the areas they cover and what makes a good hound. Enjoy a rare chance to enter the Ardingly Ring and mingle with the friendly hounds and huntsmen resplendent in their full regalia.

Sussex Longdogs

The Sussex Longdogs Association exists to run racing for Lurchers, Whippets, Greyhounds and other sight hounds.  Enjoy the display of different breeds and marvel at the races!

Countryside Ring Entertainment - NEW for 2021!

New for the Autumn Show 2021 is our Countryside Ring where you can get really close to some of the magnificent animals on display and talk directly to their owners and handlers.

Sussex Longdogs

Meet the team from the Sussex Longdogs Association and their gorgeous canine companions.  Hear about what to expect from a sight hound and the differences between each breed and how the SLA goes about racing these speedy creatures.

Rare Breed Gundogs

A unique opportunity to find out more about the rare breed gundogs at the show this year.


Meet the ferrets in the countryside ring – these lively, curious and fun loving creatures have been used for hunting and pest control since ancient times and are increasingly popular as pets.

Birds of Prey

Joe’s Bows will introduce you to their falcons, hawks, buzzards and owls– you might even get the opportunity for one to land on your arm!


Bloodhounds are large scent hounds, originally bred for hunting deer and boar from the middle ages.  Bloodhounds possess the keenest sense of smell of any other dog breed.

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