Main Ring Entertainment

Experience Falconry on Horseback with Jonathan Marshall

Witness the speed, power and ultimate grace of these beautiful trained falcons and stunning white stallions in this unique display. Combining ancient horsemanship skills with the medieval art of falconry, you’ll love the music and costumes that accompany this breathtaking spectacle led by Jonathan Marshall.

Meet the Cornish Countryman

New this year is Chris Green, the ‘Cornish Countryman’ who will entertain visitors with his countryman skills including pigeon decoying, hide building and duck calling.

Huxley’s Birds of Prey

Prepare to be entertained by the spectacular swoops of the falcons, owls, eagles and buzzards from Huxley’s Birds of Prey Centre near Horsham. You might even be lucky enough to get picked as a volunteer.

Kent and Surrey Bloodhounds (Saturday)

Enjoy a display from these hunting dogs led by Senior Master & Huntsman Bill Kear.

Crawley & Horsham Cavalcade of Hounds (Sunday)

Enjoy a rare chance to enter the Ardingly Ring and mingle with the friendly hounds and huntsmen resplendent in their full regalia.

Donkey Show Parade (Sunday)

Don’t miss one of the Autumn Show & Game Fair’s most popular events; the Donkey Show will take place on Sunday 1st October.

Warrenby Gundogs Demonstration

Come and see spaniels and retrievers do what they do best as they demonstrate their talents at the highly entertaining Warrenby Gundogs display. Find out about the different stages of gundog training from basic puppy obedience through to advanced work. Performances are unrehearsed so anything could happen!

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